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Since some time I'm searching for my ancestors as my hobby. Via several sources from family and archives I gathered parts of my family tree. I want to publish these data on this website in order to allow other hobby genealogists to benefit from it. Of course I also hope to get additional information to already listed or missing ancestors and I am looking forward to every helpful feedback.

Family Name Dertinger

Besides the search for my direct ancestors I am also interested in the origin of the family name Dertinger (in church registers sometimes also called Derdinger or Tertinger (even in the same entry!)). The name originates from at least one of the following villages:
- Dertingen in Baden or Tauberfranken respectively (see also Wikipedia for Wertheim am Main),
- Derdingen in Baden (historically Württemberg, 1963 renamed to Oberderdingen, see also Wikipedia for Oberderdingen).

The interpretation of the family name Dertinger as so-called regional provenance name (not sure about the correct translation), based on one or both mentioned villages, was confirmed by a linguistic expertise of the University of Leipzig in 2007.

Regarding the current distribution of the family name Dertinger in Germany (distribution map Dertinger, absolut per county, relative per county) with concentrated appearances both near to Dertingen as well as to Derdingen it seems to be possible that the family name developed twice independently from each other. The family name Derdinger also still exists in Germany (distribution map Derdinger), but it is much rarer than Dertinger (the same applies for Tertinger).

Dertinger Database

In the hope of once being able to answer the question on the origin of the family name, I am currently building up a database of all Dertingers/Derdingers/Tertingers/Terdingers. I collect entries from archives and other databases, i.e. from own and external investigations. Additionally, I got many hints from other genealogists as well as from bearers of the family name. Thanks a lot for this support!

In order to put the data in the right context, I also include - where possible - partners, parents and children. The "Dertinger Database" can be accessed unlinked from my own family tree via a separate link on the left side.

I would be glad to receive any piece of information (additions or corrections) about ancestors of this name. Of course, I am also happy about any contact to other bearers of my family name.

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